Bikes Because We Care

Creating smiles since 2004

Our History

     Michelle Reuter's BIG ideas often have small beginnings. It all started with Michelle Reuter when she was a freshman at Presentation High School. That year, Michelle decided she wanted to donate one bike to the school’s annual toy drive for the Sacred Heart Community Center in San Jose. Her parents agreed to match whatever amount of money she raised. So, she pooled together her babysitting money to purchase a bike, and her family matched it with another.

     For Michelle's sophomore year, the Reuter family purchased 5 bikes. Junior year, they bought 18 bikes.Then, the family made a few calls, and within several hours, there were enough donations to buy 38 bikes.  Senior year, with a few more phone calls and e-mails, the family was able to donate 140 bikes. 2010 was the biggest year with 263 bikes purchased for local charities!

Getting the Bikes Ready

Getting bikes ready means we start shopping for bikes on Thanksgiving evening.  We get several helpers and then head out with our truck and trailer and start buying!  Then we spend the next few weekends putting the bikes together. We load the bikes onto trucks and our first drop off is Presentation High School, where they are counted for the Holiday Toy Drive. Finally, the bikes are delivered to several charities in the South Bay, including: Sacred Heart Community Service, Community Solutions, St. Catherine’s Church and Betsy's Restaurant.

How It Works

It all starts with your generous donation. Any amount goes a long way! We accept donations all year!

Mail your check to:

Bikes Because We Care

PO Box 2311

Morgan Hill, CA, 95038

OR..Go to our donate page and donate through PayPay.  No registration needed..

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Our Tax ID# 46-2941864

For more information, email: